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Written by Veethi Telang

Managing Affiliates and their Payouts


Looks like your army of affiliates has started rolling out your product to the world, and are making sale upon sale. Good for you, coach! Now comes the part where you pay them for the work they’ve done for you.

AllyHut presents a full-blown review of every affiliate of yours – from how many sales they’ve made and offers they’re currently promoting to complete details of the withdrawals they have requested.

Let’s break this tutorial down into two segments – Managing Affiliates and Managing their Payouts.


The full-blown review that we mentioned earlier can be achieved by clicking on My Affiliates from the Sellers drop-down menu on your AllyHut main screen.

And, what do we see here? Clark Kent as our first affiliate! Remember when we had Superman sign up as an affiliate for our course on Bruce Wayne’s Italian Cooking Masterclass? This screen is the result of that:

In other words, every affiliate who signs up on your affiliate center and opts to promote your offer will be seen here, under this tab.

Let’s click on the Options icon to see what Clark has been up to with regards to our AllyHut product:

There you have it! A complete overview of the selected affiliate – the offers that Clark is currently promoting, commissions made, and withdrawal requests.

You can see that he has two pending withdrawals of $3 and $2, respectively. So, all we need to do is process them via his chosen payment method (PayPal in this case), and he’ll be paid!

Next, the Status toggle can be disabled at any time to stop the affiliate from promoting your offers.

As is clear from the screen above, the affiliate has done their part. So, now, we move on to ours…


How many affiliate payments need your immediate attention? How do you update their payment status? How do you communicate to them that their payment has been made? All from the Payouts from the same Sellers drop-down menu!

Here we are on the Payouts screen, with two withdrawal requests from Clark Kent awaiting.

Scroll further right on this box, and you’ll see the Process button under Options, among many other details like the Withdrawal Amount, Status, Requested Payment Method, Request Date, etc.

Hit on Process to open the details of a particular withdrawal. For instance, we clicked on the first withdrawal request, and up came the Withdrawal Details of it:

Make sure that you’ve manually paid the affiliate via their selected payment method. In this case, PayPal. Once done, enter the receipt number in the Receipt field and the Date on which you made the payment.

The Status field opens up three options – Pending (default), Approved, and Rejected. Update the status of the withdrawal as per the position.

Last, but not the least, send a nice Note to the affiliate in the box on the right. You can add more details of the payment, among other things.

Hit Save, and with that, this withdrawal request is well taken care of. Exhibit A:

The same details will be visible to Clark on his account in our Affiliate Center:

There you go! That’s all you need to know about managing your affiliates and their payouts. So, it’s all really a matter of increasing affiliate sales. The rest, as you can see, is crystal clear and easily handled in the easy-to-use interface of AllyHut.