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Written by Veethi Telang

Global Vs. Per-Product Commission

A star coach like you might not just have one course or product up their sleeve. Obviously, behind you is (or, is going to be) an army of products – each worth a different price. In that case, would you want your affiliates to promote everything on your website at the same rate? Hell naw.

Say, one basic course on your site is priced at a mere $100, whereas, another much advanced course is priced at $1000. In this case, setting a flat commission of 30% for both will naturally be the inanest move you could make.

Needless to say, the commission rates at which your affiliates promote both products are going to be different.

This, is where you seek and understand the difference between a flat-out global commission throughout your website and per-product commission. And, in AllyHut, that’s more than possible to set!

Remember when you first set up your product in AllyHut? Right below the Commission field is a button called Granular Commission. Allow us to jog your memory:

Granular Commission lets your set up a different commission rate for each of your courses on the site you’ve added in AllyHut. So, let’s click on the button to see how:

As is evident from the screenshot above, the school site we’ve added to AllyHut has two different courses – Cooking Italian for Beginners and Advanced Italian Cooking: Authentic Sicilian Recipes.

Since our Advanced course is much more detailed and elaborate, the pricing of it must be higher too. Hence, we decided to put its affiliate commission rate to 10%. The Basic course, on the other hand, is set to 30%.

And that, is how you set a different commission rate for each of your courses on your school. Now, it all depends on how many courses or products you’re selling on your site, and what they’re worth, should you plan to ditch global commission, and go the per-product route.