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Written by Veethi Telang

Getting Started - Create Your First Product


Jet. Set. Promote. Now that you’ve unleashed the power of building an affiliate network of your own, let’s dive right into using AllyHut to kick-start your product’s promotional journey.

First things first, you’ll need to add your product in AllyHut’s system.

It’s a simple 2-step method, and we’re going to show you exactly how easy the whole thing is.

STEP 1 Add Product Details
STEP 2 Review & Finish

For the purpose of this tutorial and the ones that follow, let’s add our stellar CoachRack course on “Italian Cooking Masterclass” into AllyHut as a universal example. Once the course is added to this system, we’ll proceed to readying it for both our unique affiliate portal and Invanto’s own affiliate network.

Step 1: Add Product Details

First course of action – log into your Invanto account, and access the AllyHut Network from the admin drop down menu on the top right of your screen.

This will take you to your AllyHut’s main screen with three tabs – Offers, Sellers, and Affiliates. Since right now, we’re in the process of adding our own product for affiliates to pick up, naturally, we become the Seller.

So, let’s click on the Sellers tab, which is actually a drop-down menu. To create our first product, we’ll select My Products from the list.

Up comes the Product List screen, which is currently empty. So, without further ado, let’s click on the green Add Product button on the top right.

Welcome to AllyHut’s Product Wizard! Here, you’ll put all the details pertaining to the product you wish to promote.

Intimidating? Phshh! Allow us to elaborate:

The very first field is two radio-style options – Site or CartFog. If you want to add your membership site (built on MemberFactory) or a course (built on CoachRack), select Site. If you want to add a digital product that you created in Cartfog, select CartFog. Ours is a course, so we don’t need to change a thing – it’s set by default!

The field right below it is Select Site. This drop down menu will instantly display all your sites created on Invanto. Let’s select our CoachRack site from here!

Next up is Category. Ours is Food. So, we select Food.

Up next comes the Offer Title. Now, this one’s interesting, for your title will, more or less, decide the fate of your product. No, seriously! Make it as enticing and informative as you can. Gotta attract those affiliates to pick up your product, yeah? A simple example could be – “Earn a 30% commission on Italian Cooking Masterclass (1000+ students)”.

Next, put a value in the Commission field to display how much commission your affiliates will earn on each sale, if they promote your product.

Psst… there’s a high chance that you are a star coach who has, maybe, more than one course on the site you selected here! Will this mean that all your courses will have a universal commission rate of the % you put in the Commission field? Not necessarily.

Notice the grey Granular Commission button beneath Commission? Clicking on it will take you to a pop up that displays all the different courses you’ve created on your CoachRack school/site.

Simply add a different commission value alongside each course, and you’re sorted! If, however, you don’t choose Granular Commission, the X% value you’ve set will be globally applied to every course on your site.

Moving on, we have the Offer URL field. Of course, your course has a homepage or a sales page. Put that link in this field, so that your affiliates can see and promote everything that’s awesome about your course. 

TIP: For your MemberFactory site or CartFog products, you might have created an external sales page. We suggest you to enter the link of that sales page in the Offer URL field. If you leave it to the default value then your site visitors will end up seeing a login page (if it's a MemberFactory site), or a checkout page (if it's a CartFog product). Also, that external sales page must contain the order button/link that goes to the checkout page hosted by Invanto.

Next – Publishing Date. When do you want the offer to go live? Select the date from this field, and sit back while our system does the publishing for you on your selected date.

Credit Sale To displays two options – First Affiliate and Last Affiliate. Select First Affiliate if you want to pay the affiliate who was the first one, among other affiliates, to make a sale of your product to a particular user. Select Last Affiliate if you want the commission to go to the last one. Still unsure? Read our Concept on this topic here for better understanding.

Earliest Withdrawal pertains to the number of days after which the affiliates who made the sale for you can withdraw the commission they earned. We set the default value to 30 days, but you’re welcome to change it to anything else.

The Description box on the right hand side lets you add a tiny little description of what your product is about. Put in some stats and media of your product, and tell your affiliates why your course needs to be promoted to a wider audience (except for the obvious 30% commission, duh!).

Last, but not the least, the three little toggles below Description are Enable (activates your product in AllyHut), Auto-approve Affiliates (approves affiliates for your product automatically), and Use Default Commission (activates global commission and disables the Granular Commission setting). Enable or disable these toggles as per your whim!

Now, click on Save, and Step 1 is done.

Step 2: Review & Finish

A lot of details later, here we are at Step 2. Let’s just ensure everything looks perfect!

And, so it does. Hit Finish, and call for celebration! You’ve just successfully added your first product to the AllyHut network.

Clicking on Finish will redirect you to your Product List, where your product will now appear. Just like ours did. Look…

Now, apart from being instantly available to your affiliates from inside your affiliate portal (which we’ll set up next), this product is also under review by AllyHut’s team to be approved for our own affiliate network. Once it does, it will be exposed to users of our platform, who can choose to become your affiliates.