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Written by Veethi Telang

First Affiliate or Last Affiliate: Whom to Credit Sales to

There are times when a user will stumble upon your product through more than one affiliate. Ever wondered what the rules of commission are in that situation? Whom do you pay in that case?

We think, it’s imperative that you know the difference between a “First Affiliate” and a “Last Affiliate”.

First Affiliate: The affiliate who placed the first ever cookie on a user’s machine.

Last Affiliate: The affiliate who has placed the most recent cookie on a user’s machine, overriding all the previous cookies.

Let us make it simpler for you with the following example:

User “Ross” discovers your awesome product, courtesy a blog written by affiliate “Chandler”. However, Ross, being the discerning (and skeptical) customer that he is, decides to read some reviews before making a purchase.

Ross goes to Google and searches for reviews on your product, when he stumbles upon a killer review by affiliate “Rachel”.

Several reviews later, it’s only when he digs deeper about your product on affiliate “Joey’s” website, that he decides to make a purchase.

Now, what do you think? Who deserves your commission the most?

Is it Chandler – who helped Ross discover the product in the first place?
Is it Rachel – who reinstated his belief in the authenticity and value of your product?
Is it Joey – who, all said and done, helped make you a sale?

The situation is clear to you. And, let us also tell you – most sellers go for the last affiliate, as they are the ones who, in fact, are responsible for the conversion. So, no harm done if you too choose the “Last Affiliate” option while setting up your product in AllyHut.

However, in situations like a limited-period product launch which runs for only a brief amount of time, many sellers opt for commissions to “First Affiliate”. Here, the affiliate who navigated the user to the product sales page first gets the commission after the sale is made.

So, there you have it! Now that you know the difference between the first and the last affiliate, go ahead and make the necessary settings for your product in AllyHut.