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Written by Veethi Telang

How to Become an Affiliate for Other Invanto Users


So far, you’ve created a product in AllyHut for your affiliates to promote. Set up your own affiliate center. And, even had affiliates promote your products. Amidst all this, we’re sure there’s one thought that must’ve cropped in your head – “can I also become an affiliate for others?”.

Why, of course, you can! If you can recall, we mentioned Invanto’s very own network, where our users keep posting new offers for affiliates to pick up. Why don’t you go ahead and choose one to promote as an affiliate yourself?

All you’ve got to do is go to Offers on your main AllyHut screen.

And, it is here that you’ll see a bunch of offers put up by other Invanto users. Go ahead, scroll down to see ‘em all:

Offers? More like opportunities to further your income!

As you can see in the screen above, every offer has a cover photo, a commission percentage, and two buttons – Get Link and Visit Site. While the Visit Site button takes you to the seller’s product homepage / sales page where you can learn more about the product, the Get Link button kick-starts your journey of becoming an affiliate for that seller.

Hover on the cover photo of any offer, and you’ll see the Details button, as follows:

Let’s click on it to see what Kamil Wolniak has in store for us!

Oh, look! That’s Kamil’s page with a Visit Site button, and a ready affiliate link for us to copy.

Shift your focus to the right, to see the various details he’s put regarding the offer – the Commission rate he’s offering, the Withdrawal period, and the specific product he’d like his affiliates to promote. These are the details he put up while adding his product to AllyHut.

See that My Affiliate Link field? That’s also the link you’ll be able to see if you click on the seller’s Get Link button right from the main Offers page:

There you go! Copy this link, and plug it into your website – on banners, ads, or anywhere else you want to promote that particular product.

As soon as you make a sale for this seller, you’ll be eligible for a commission that you can withdraw right from AllyHut.

It’s unreal how easy it is to kick off your journey as an affiliate in AllyHut. So, get selling, and keep adding to your commissions.